This project was funded by the ASDF's "One Hundred $1 Grants".

On Fri, Sep 19, 2008 at 7:38 AM, Kyle McDonald  wrote:

Name: Kyle McDonald
Age: 22
Current Location: Troy, New York

Short Bio: I love sounds and codes and tea.
I play with connectedness and recursion and self-referentiality. This
is a short bio. This is a recursive proposal.

Project Proposal: I will distribute 100 1¢ grants during the first
month of 2009. 1¢ grant recipients must agree to complete their
projects within a month, and will be asked to provide their name and a
project title. Documentation of these grants will take the form of a
list, noting every recipient's name, project title, as well as the year
and mint of the 1¢ coin given to them.

Thank You!

ASDF Makes wrote:
Thank you for your application. 
We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected. 
Please send us your mailing address so that we can send you the $1. 

All best, 
David and Mylinh

Exchanged for 100 pennies at the local HSBC.

1¢ Grants

What follows is a record of the grants distributed within a month of receiving the dollar. I am no longer accepting proposals for grants, as the original funding was consumed by overhead costs (i.e., mailing pennies).
Name Project Title Date Received Date Given Coin Year Coin Mint
Jason Rankins GZ 1/100th Cent Project 12/14/08

Paolo Pedercini World Peace 12/14/08 06/20/09 n/a n/a
George Schneeloch Pennyboat 12/14/08 03/26/09 1981
James Miglietta To toss a penny at someone 12/15/08 1975
Dr. Hulcher I will buy anything but drugs with this penny 12/15/08 03/26/09 1980
Zane Van Dusen Bang 12/15/08 03/26/09 2006
Blair Neal Singular Luck Distribution 12/15/08

Laura Pomerleau derailing trains 12/16/08 03/26/09 2007
Lisa Rogers Ass pennies, the only true savings account 12/16/08 07/05/09

Tony Olivio Creating a Lincoln duality of copper husk and zinc molding 12/16/08 03/26/09 1972
Rebecca Weisman A Cost Analysis 12/17/08 03/26/09 1990
Michael Cronin Tower Defense 03/26/09 03/26/09 2007
Greg Palmer Penny For a Thought 03/26/09 03/26/09 1978
Mike Weissman Project Fiji 03/26/09 03/26/09 1970 D
Andrew Armenia Nixie Tube Speedometer 03/26/09 03/26/09 2006
Josh Creen Research into the Art of Whistling 03/26/09 03/26/09 2004
Kara Chesal A Hug 03/26/09 03/26/09 2004 D
Jessica Mallow My Homework 03/26/09 03/26/09 1988
Kyle MacKenzie Throwing the Inflatable Whale 03/26/09 03/26/09 1962
Haris Kahn Working on the Student Union Website 03/26/09 03/26/09 1975
Christine Rowe Sleep 03/26/09 03/26/09 1991
Julie Timm Down My Shirt 03/26/09 03/26/09 1974 D
Feng Feng Chang Eat A Cookie 03/26/09 03/26/09 1972 D
Travis Hunter Finish This Coffee 03/26/09 03/26/09 1994
Edward Corlew Random Choice Machine 4/26/09 4/26/09 n/a n/a
Mike Treadwell Audio Research 4/26/09 4/26/09 n/a n/a

GZ 1/100th Cent Project

Jason is currently distributing 1/100th of cent as time (assuming his time is worth $15/hour, that's 24 milliseconds per person).

World Peace

Name: Paolo Pedercini Project title: World Peace Money delivery: keep the grant money until you find a wishing well then make the wish: "I want World Peace" and drop the penny.


send me the penny in an envelope and i can make a paper boat out of it and float it down the charles with the penny in it i took a video of actually throwing the boat into the waterfall, but i'm having trouble getting picasa to upload it, and it's an epic fail anyway, since there was lots of wind and the boat just flopped to one side in the water.

I will buy anything but drugs with this penny

I promise I won't use it to buy drugs for the month anyway. After receiving the penny: My parents thought it was some kind of mafia thing.

Singular Luck Distribution

distribute the superstitious quality of luck to one self selected individual who chooses to stop and pick up a face up penny

A Cost Analysis

Effort: A Cost Analysis
Rebecca Weisman

Are pennies really worth anything anymore?  Are they worth the effort of
being carried around?  My one cent will be used in an experiment to
determine the percentage of people in a given population who are just too 
damn lazy to pick up a penny off the ground.  I will place my penny in a
heavily trafficked area on the ground and sit at a distance documenting
via video how long it takes for that penny to be picked up.

A slightly more creative variation of this project would be to attach the 
penny to a piece of paper and hang it on a community bulletin board or in 
a lost and found area and see how long it takes to be retrieved.